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Mrs Darlington’s - Winner Best Preserves Brand 2016/2017


Mrs Darlington’s - Winner Best Preserves Brand 2016/2017

It's February already,  can't quite believe we have waved goodbye to dark, damp January. How the time well and truely flies by.

2017 got off to a great start for us. We were beyond thrilled to hear that we had  been voted "Winner, Best Preserves Brand 2016-2017" by the readers of the Fine Food Digest. Since Mrs Darlington started making her unique Lemon Curd back in 1980 in the farmhouse kitchen, we have never looked back.

Last month we were also contemplating which of our products to enter into this years Great Taste Awards. After much debating, we have chosen a selection of sweet and savoury products. We will send our samples in for the judges to try in the next few months, and then judging begins during the summer months. Lets hope we will have more excellent results this year.